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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

The children had a blast at our Halloween party this afternoon.  We were super busy with many different activities and games (all of which are posted below).  Here are some descriptions of the events that kept us going, giggling and smiling all afternoon long.

Crafting Creatures - children made Halloween creature puppets on popsicle sticks

Spider Web Walk - on a spider web created out of Halloween tape, children had to walk along the web and pick up a spider; if they "fell off" the web, they would then become a spider snack

Witches Brew - using a straw, children had to suck up and drop pumpkins, cats and bats into the cauldron for the witches brew (those witches were hungry!!)

Pumpkin Walk - this game is similar to musical chairs except they had to touch/sit on a pumpkin when the music stopped

Boo Bowling - using a pumpkin (who did not like ghosts) children had to bowl over the stack of ghosts

What Time Is It Ms. Ghost? - similar to What Time Is It Mr Wolf only adapted for Halloween; boy, monkeys sure do run fast!!!

Jack-O-Lantern Toss - children had to try and feed the hungry jack-o-lantern some eyeballs

We at Susan's hope everyone had a happy, safe Halloween.


MattnReya said...

Kudos to Susan and Whitney for their great skeleton costumes. And extra kudos for the Hello Kitty pumpkin in the background. TOTALLY AWESOME

MattnReya said...

love the costumes! and love the hello kitty pumpkin in the background of susan and whitney's picture!!!